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The sayin as I know it comes from the show In Living Color. In one of the skits, Homeboy Shopping Network, the two actors are always telling you how you can save money. When the skit was shown, it became a very popular phrase.
"...get mo money, without spendin yo money"
by Ann June 15, 2006
short for more money
mo-money! mo money! mo money! damn about 2 make that paper (money)
by Sw33tNYCandie July 25, 2009
I dont know what they want from me its like
The mo money we come across the more problems we see
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
A gay hobbit/leprechaun
When confronted with the accusation of having spent far too much class time covering trivial topics like pharmacogenomics, mo-money will simply respond with an excessively-high pitched squeal of the words "too bad!"
by Phillip Greenspan April 09, 2008
S'like, when you got more money then another playa.

see also, mostank
Yo dog, snoop dogg got mo money.
by diggitybiggity August 10, 2005
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