When one ingests copious amounts of various types of alcohol, topped off by projectile, violent, and exsplosive emesis.
Maureen did a stellar performance of a Mo-Job one saturday night.
by Sammie Jo7 June 11, 2013
The act of use using your moustache mo to give a partner pleasure or excitement. It can involve tickling their cheek or neck, or thigh, or belly, etc. It is not always sexual, but usually is.
Whenever my girlfriend starts giving me an attitude, I give her a good mo job and she starts seeing things my way.
by monkey40 November 08, 2011
Exceptionally pleasurable fellacio given by an attractive female who implements several different motions of the tongue and is able to deep-throat.
After she gave me that mo job I had nothing left for sex, which really pissed her off.
by snow3409 April 28, 2006
A blowjob performed by a man with a mustache.
You know who has a majestic mustache?
Tom Selleck.
Totally, with a mustache like that he could give a phenomenal mo job.
by Lorne Joel February 05, 2011

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