shortened form of "emo". used as a derragatory term for kids who listen to emo
See that kid over there with the chopped up hair and fat, ugly girlfriend? He's pretty 'mo
by rsktod January 08, 2005
More Emo Than Emo Itself
Cause if emo were people youd be china
cry all about it WRITE A SONG
Holy Shit Josh Krell Is Fuckin 'Mo Hes Almost Mo Diggity and he is defiantely Gee
by Listen To Chode October 12, 2003
The office of a math department head at a high school. Often inhabited by a cult of hostile geeks who hang out there. Also used as a generally "rule-free" zone by those in the know.
Let's go in the M.O. and microwave some beef burritos and inspire explosive colon in our enemies.
by Shocktone May 26, 2004
Abbreviation for make out.
See that chick over there. I totally M.O.ed with her on the dance floor.
by crobot July 12, 2005
short for mother. seriously, who would use it for anything else
as in mo' fucker. or mo' trucker.
by jakegilmann June 15, 2008
Another word for homo or fag
That teacher is such a Mo'.
by Derek Vinyard September 15, 2005
A word I use to substitute for "moment."
"How are you doing?"
"At the mo' I seem to be fine."
by Amish-Guy August 18, 2005

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