a big hairy baby (AKA a full grown man who wears tighty whities)...Oh right, his back is hairier than his chest.
those guys at starbucks
by blah blah January 04, 2004
short for Homosexual, synonymous with the term fag or homo. Usually used as a derogatory term for one's friends
Don't be such a
by Hackmaster J September 11, 2006
The deuce left after a Chad Mo
"I gotta go drop a Mo", "Man, that was some serious Mo I left in the toilet." or, in distress, "No, no Mo!", "That Mo really ripped my ass"
by Gregaria August 17, 2006
1)Short for mom
2)Short for more
3)Short for moron
4)nick name
1)But MO!
2)I'd like some mo, please.
3)Shut the fuck up MO!
4)His real name's marcus, but we call him mo
by Sylk Cream October 05, 2005
my bestest friend...everyone at pueblo luvs mo!!! even the preps like him...he is a great boyfriend....but he gets too afectionate....tight playa....all the girls like him!!!!
omg mo....we all luv u so much....u r like my bestest friend!! luv ya!!!
by oriana November 24, 2004
(noun)-Faggot, (ie. hoMOsexual, hoMO)
You're one gay ass mo.
by Olaf September 21, 2004

1a: Short for homo, which is short for homosexual.
b: Used as a derogatory term for people who are behaving in a "homosexual"* manner.

1: Used to describe someone who is behaving in a "homosexual" manner.
2: Used to express distaste for something.

syn-gay. homo. fag. queer.

*The term "homosexual" is often not used literally. People use the term loosely to refer to anything that they don't like.

Dude, Rob is such a mo because he's wearing lime green sweatpants with a pink stripe down the side.


Joe: Hey dude, are you coming to the football game tonight?
Rob: I can't--I have to do a report for Bio.
Joe: That's mo.
by Jerk The Mom December 02, 2003
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