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Bill Cosby made this word popular. Now days, Mr. Mackey on South Park says it.
Drugs are bad.....mmmk?
by Willizzle Tha Gangsta August 06, 2006
108 68
to agree with someone
ot to get someone's opinion.
person 1: you're coming to the beach mmmk?
person 2: mmmk!
by dhd May 10, 2005
66 54
Okay but not really. When you can't or don't want to say, "No", "you're wrong", or, "that's what you think!".
Husband says," I thought the truck was filled with gas so I took the car and filled it, forgot you needed it today."

Wife says,"Mmm K."
by Gavin's Mom July 09, 2013
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