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Vigorous sex. Often used in reference to turtles. Usually describes the sound made during sex.

Verb form is used the same as "to fuck"
Man, I'd like to mmch that girl so hard!

Those two turtles really like mmching.

Hey girllllll, wanna mmch?
by Turtle Mmcher May 06, 2013
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the word that describes the sound one makes when sucking/kissing their teeth especially if they have a grill

a sound that expresses disdain, dislike, disrespect for something or someone

synonymous with "pfft" or "pshh"
Courtney: "ayo homie can i hit yo bong?"
Jermaine: "nah, sun"
Courtney: "mmch, fo'get you man"
Jermaine: "Fo'get YOU man! mmch!"
Courtney: "mmch, cheap assed *****"
Jermaine: "mmch, moochin' assed *****"
by soiaxedhimWhyYouDunDidDatFoSon January 31, 2011
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