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The art of mind-blogging information to public media websites and information superhighways.
Mlogging is so f*cking awesome, I don't even need a computer to do it.
by Tyra Williams May 27, 2010
A hybrid of "mom" and "bloggers," reflecting the incredible explosion of moms blogging online and the new focus of advertisers on this marketing demographic.

Mloggers (aka "Power Moms") now make up more than 20% of the active internet population, according to research by Nielsen.
For many moms, "mlogging," (mommy blogging)

can be an important way to connect with other moms.
by el_chacal August 20, 2009
Mlogging: (p. m’lŏgging); n. A Mlog: to write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog that is distiguished by the fact that it is part of formal media, and edited by a media worker, often by an editor. It is a blog, but on a media site.

I do quite a bit of mlogging with the Guardian website. That site has quite a few mloggers.

The creation of Comment is Free and Thoughtleader ( &, both media companies offering edited blog platforms.

It has created a different animal in the blog/media world. It’s a blog-media hybrid. It’s a blog in format and perhaps a bit in style too — yet a crucial difference is that it is edited subbed, much like a columnist is in a media publication. So it’s somewhere in between.
by Matthew Buckland November 20, 2007

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