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Used to describe an individual who writes huge, rambling posts on an Internet message board - posts that never actually address the topic at hand, answer questions directly or contain anything useful or intelligent.

Comes from the Mortal Kombat fanboy mkflegend (also known as MKF30 or just MKF).
Dude, I'm not going to read that mkflegend post you just wrote.


Did you have to do an MKF post? All I asked was a simple question.
by Mr MKO January 21, 2008
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Used to describe the most hated, ridiculed and least respected person in an Internet gaming community.

mkflegend is often shortened simply to MKF.
That guy MKF'd me and left when he got one up.


Person 1: He said he didn't play the game anymore but he was on the other night playing someone else.

Person 2: Yeah, he's a real MKF.


What a complete mkflegend!!
by Elder God January 20, 2008

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