Miz: A miz is an uncorrected (misspelled) error which takes place when texting, instant messaging or sending e-mails. These errors usually don't hinder the communication, but makes the offender look like an idiot. Mizzed, Mizzing, Mizzer
Sorry about the Miz. Jon is a mizzer. Sally keeps mizzing up the word Awesome.

Htanks(Thanks), Latter(Later), Awsome(Awesome), Becase(Because), Thr(The), Si(Is), Se(See)
by drakish March 20, 2008
when u need to go
"yo im mizzin"
by Paddy September 28, 2003
a dancing mexican alcoholic from roslindale, mass
" how bout that "
by jerry shubert March 23, 2004
To be in a blissful state, to be in love or to be blinded by love.
Shes mized by that boy. Man shes in mad miz.
by Meg April 17, 2005
The sweetest guy in the whole world. He lives in Chattanooga and is my favorite person in the whole world.
Miz you are so awesome! I love you!
by Megan May 13, 2004
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