A person that you meet in a club. It is the person that approaches you with the intention of some casual groping and more. Some gay guys use this word to describe those particularly random guys.
"Mike, you and that mix were all over each other!"

"John went out with that mix he met yesterday night."

"Gosh! I could totally use a couple of mixes trying to get on me. I need the ego boost."
by mikeisthebest December 17, 2006
Top Definition
1. Verb: When a DJ plays sound coming from two sound sources together whether those sources are turntables or CD players using a mixer. Often DJs will adjust the tempo of the two sound sources so they are exactly the same and flow together well rhythmically.

2. Noun: a DJ's set or spiel.
1. I was mixing pretty well.
2. Maybe I'll through that into my mix.
by JesseBW August 29, 2003
The act of combining two substances, namely ; toasted cigarette tobacco and seived or grated cannabis resin. To be smoked through a bong.
Whats the crack, any mix?!

Giz a Bong on yer mix!!!!
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008
to be in a relationship with some one
`Guy` can we go out
`girl` Sorry , I got a mix right now (boys also can say mix)
by lil j on da track April 28, 2008
1.of or pertaining to the degredation of one's street cred
2.to severely shut some one down
"Dude! His car has three spinners! Yours only has two! Mix!!!"

"Dang, he stepped on yo ice-creams...MIX!!!!"
to be in a bad situation.
shit i got myself in a mix with the police!
by BLood GAng L.B July 07, 2010
1. Someones business
2. drama
That bitch was all up in a nigga's "Mix"
by Shady Ass Rob February 04, 2003
fight, to fight, to challenge to fight
The guy was staring at me and walked over to me and bumbed into me, there was no doupt he was trying to get me to mix (with him).
by 1969 GTO Judge June 13, 2007

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