A person that you meet in a club. It is the person that approaches you with the intention of some casual groping and more. Some gay guys use this word to describe those particularly random guys.
"Mike, you and that mix were all over each other!"

"John went out with that mix he met yesterday night."

"Gosh! I could totally use a couple of mixes trying to get on me. I need the ego boost."
by mikeisthebest December 17, 2006
A combination of 'poo' and 'wee' that have been mixed together, either in a receptacle of some sort or in the toilet bowl itself. Warning. Not to be consumed in any way, shape or form, Even on toast!
I fell in the mix, and it stunk real bad!
by Alex Sabga March 01, 2005
Perhaps the ultimate accolade/praise
"This game's a mix!"
"It's a mix of a mix!"
"It's THE mix!"
by Do September 13, 2003
A group composed of the 5 hottest, most intellegent and crazy girls in the college scene. They have 5 different personalities but go together so well. One is usually very studious and outgoing, one is very friendly and liked, one is a neatfreak and talented, one is very posh and silly, and one is very sweet and grounded.
yo, you see those hot girls over there, they are Mix
by mixer#1 December 15, 2004

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