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a person who is very caring and loyal. someone of indan ethnicity who is fun and outgoing and has a huge heart.
Wow! I wish i was dating a Mitul.
by payal November 14, 2004
I guy who is really sweet and extremly charming, really smart, and perfect boyfriend material. Your super sweet.
He's such a mitul, my mother will love him.
by don't you wish you knew March 07, 2005
Indian Term for "proud thief." Involvement in Operation SBC landed him banishment from his homeland. Has never quit a job, prefers getting fired instead. Has grown fat physically the past few years due to rampant beer drinking. Mitul has been in seclusion in DeKalb in recent years but occasionally makes public appearances with his woman, named jill. Prefers not to travel to faraway places. Made famous in the series Mitul Patel, Indian Secret Agent serialized by that great great newsletter, the Inherent Barrier.
by Oscar Levant August 24, 2003
a nerd who doenst appreciate the fine taste of oceanspray white cranberry juice, and who owns a massage chair and still manages to get work done.
mitul aced his bio midterm.
by aditi February 17, 2005
Mitul is a sex crazed bastard
My sister observed he was a sex crazed bastard
by amorous April 12, 2005
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