A weird little brown beetle, often spotted in large groups, commonly found in festival tents. They seem do mysteriously disappear in the rain and then re-appear in your clothes hair and generally in anything you leave in a tent.
Hayley: ,aahh, look it's ,pissing, it down!
Ellis: I ,knoww,! The ,Mitchums, infestation has completely disappeared!
Hannah: Where do you think they go?
Matilda: ohh...there around...
by DuttyBeverly July 27, 2009
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Semen, male ejaculate. Named after Robert Mitchum, actor, due to his being almost the definition of masculinity, of which semen is the ultimate by-product.
Past-tense: mitchummed.
Peter North is notorious for his ability to produce voluminous amounts of mitchum.
by thejunk January 27, 2007
A brand of gell deoderant.
that mitchum smells fairly good.
by Xiophillio April 14, 2009
The act of skipping a day or two or ten from all hygenic upkeep. Thus, resulting in one funky mutha fucka! Febreeze cannot save this individual!
Dude 1: Hey, check out that sasquatch looking freakshow over there.

Dude 2: What is that?!? Are those stink lines emanating from that furry monstrosity of a man?...Grooossss!

Dude 1: No way! That swamp ape is clearly suffering from a severe case of Mitch'um. I guess he took their motto seriously! Does he have no shame?
by Balls_of_Fury August 15, 2011

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