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Semen, male ejaculate. Named after Robert Mitchum, actor, due to his being almost the definition of masculinity, of which semen is the ultimate by-product.
Past-tense: mitchummed.
Peter North is notorious for his ability to produce voluminous amounts of mitchum.
by thejunk January 27, 2007
The act of performing cunnilingus during the recipient's menstrual period, so named for the "Rorschach Test"-like marks left on the deliverer's face afterwards. Unlike drinking red sea, there are no connotations of consumption of the menses, only an enjoyment or (minimally) willingness to perform cunnilingus during this stage of the menstrual cycle, reflecting that the deliverer enjoys cunnilingus or the providing of pleasure, or both.

See also butterfly kiss, definition 3.
He gave her a rorschach kiss.
by thejunk January 27, 2007
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