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the sweetest, most beautiful, purest, kindest soul on earth
she will not only make you laugh with her sillyness but she will also be around when the chips are down. i love mitali, wish every girl was like her!
look that girl just saved a dying ant . .. man she just did a mitali!

wow, girl you're pretty! you're a mitali!

you have a sunshine smile, you're a mitali!
by ilovemits August 01, 2010
91 14
A word used to emphasize something really good. It is also used to show happiness.
I got an A on this test, this is mitali!
Yes, great job. Mitali! Mitali!
by Joe Dirt Phenom March 21, 2008
104 16
A man who loves to cut down trees in the forest with their unusualy long finger nails.
Did you see that mitali hiding in the bush? Tree killer!
by esrouc fo (read backwords) February 26, 2009
31 98