(verb past tense) To confuse another's statement via a combination of misunderstanding and not properly hearing the other person.

Oftentimes the result of becoming distracted mid-sentence and then snapping back only to find that the conversation has taken an unexpected turn.
He drove to the wrong movie theater?! He must've misunderheard me during dinner.
by Jonah Ptak November 23, 2007
Top Definition
when an individual fails to correctly hear what another individual has said.
I must have misuderheard what you said because I thought you said "I love you" but you really said "I loathe you."
by Kevin L. Burke, Ph.D. January 29, 2004
A verb meaning to misunderstand something overheard due to the fact you weren't paying attention or the initiator was speaking too softly.
I thought she said she wanted to hook up, but I misunderheard her because she was whispering in the club.

He was misunderheard because his posse was making too much noise.
by Mitch Kerning November 12, 2013
overhearing something inaccurately
That's not what I said. She must have misunderheard me.
by dan t pearce February 18, 2009
when you are listening to someone tell you something, but not quite grasping the concept.
I'm sorry Monie, will you repeat that..I misunderheard.
by Monie Beth April 10, 2005
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