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When she finally divorces the bloke. A particularly difficult divorce from a very entangled relationship. A clean surgical break from a male spouse or partner from which the prognosis for recovery is improved functioning.
Judith finally underwent that desperately needed misterectomy. Too bad her HMO won't cover it.
by paradigmtourist May 25, 2006
9 3
When a male has surgery that involves removing anything from the groin area.
The doctor told Dave today that a tube had developed between his colon and his bladder. Dave was shocked to hear that he needed a Misterectomy!
by The Baron Tube September 28, 2011
1 1
Getting someone else to break up with your man for you
"Hey Todd, can you tell Brandon that I no longer want to see him?"

"So, you want to perform a misterectomy?"

"With as little pain as possible, thank you."
by bensgirly August 18, 2011
1 3