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Accidentally clicking 'like' on something on facebook such as a status in the news feed. The primary cause for mislikes are touchscreen devices such as the iPod Touch. This occurrence can range in seriousness depending on the nature of the item and / or the person who posted it.
Girl: "Why did you like my status that has nothing to do with you? Wait a second, who are you anyways???
Guy: "Oh shit, sorry. I misliked it while I was scrolling through my news feed on my iPod. Damn you fat fingers!"
by o ReVelatioN o November 10, 2010
A negative word which (in the Patterson scale of harshness) is somewhere in between hate and dislike .
Can be used in pretty much any situation .
Use of word will probably result in people's opinion of you going down due to misinterpretation of newest verbal fad for terribly poor grasp of the English language
person 1: I severely mislike coldplay - they're srsly the worst band ever
person 2: GTFO
by Riot Inducing Webcest January 16, 2009
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