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a jumble of words that may make little or no sense to the person listening
"She was trailing off at the end.... it just sounded like a bunch of mish mosh ".
by john talcott January 26, 2007
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a word that refers the practice of two individuals who generously create a system of give and take that is free of a concept of indebtedness, but is often used by douches as a means of getting free shit.
Dude 1: hey bro, I kinda don't have my wallet on me...
Dude 2: mishmosh bro, mishmosh.

(douche use)
Dude 1: dude, what the fuck, you can't just take my TV?!
Dude 2: mishmosh bro, mishmosh.
by pseudowoodoh February 08, 2014

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