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A helicopter that keeps flying over your house and you have no idea why, but it's really annoying the hell out of you.
Bloody hell that lopidoptor has been flying over my house for hours now, make me a sandwich.
by Duvessa May 31, 2008
A way to say I love you, without actually saying, usually in front of your mates, correct response is runerub-oo, as in I love you too.
"Hey, Runerub,"
"Aw, Runerub-oo"
by Duvessa May 31, 2008
black people making out in public places
Danielle, you see that nukka love over there?
by Duvessa March 30, 2007
a slang term for an ash tray
pass me the mish mash mosh mate, my end is falling off!
by Duvessa May 31, 2008

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