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an episode of laughter that entails shaking or violent motion.
"You should prepare yourselves for a mirthquake, as today's comic strip was rated 7.1 on the rictus scale." -
by C Vogue November 13, 2006
A violent shuddering of joy, an overwhelming tectonic transposing of ecstasy
Standing in line to recieve the Wii, I had a minor mirthquake.
by Hecuter November 13, 2006
caused by the person who is the center of a wave of happiness of other people. This happiness is transferred from person to person by word of mouth whether it is a joke or funny event.Those people tell their friends who tell their friends.
Jimmy caused a mirthquake the other day at lunch when he bumped into and knocked off the principle's hair piece in front of hundreds of students.
by CHStom November 15, 2007
A quake of jolly laughter that shakes you from your feet to your fat, fat jowls.
Jerry's mirthquake pleased him.
by withoutamartyr November 13, 2006
(n) A powerful feeling of happiness
- PA made me do it
I would've had a mirthquake at my believed invention of the word, if it weren't proven practically ubiquitous by google!
by Da_Jesus November 13, 2006
A joyous dance performed by many, significantly overweight people.
Dude, Rosie O'Donnell looked so great doing the booty-pop that she caused a mirthquake!
by Giblo November 15, 2006
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