A reflective surface;

For girls: a lifeline and consultant

Guys: their personal trainer for that sexy look.

That chair's so shiny, it's like a mirror.

Girl looking in mirror: "hey sexy, yea i'm sexy, nice ass sexy (a girl just wants to know she's sexy)."
by _beluga_ August 19, 2006
A shortened form of the expression, "That's going on the mirror!"

When someone compliments you in such a way that you want to hang the words on your mirror to be reminded of them daily, you might use this expression.
Him: The only way I'd like to go back in time would be to make up for lost time with you.

Her: Mirror!
by Ray's Princess March 19, 2010
Anything with a vague reflection of your self-image.
Constantly looking at a mirror won't make you look better.

If you truly want to see yourself, don't use a mirror, use a camera.
by we found a problem October 07, 2007
A device used in the mid 1800's in order to teleport from the European Renaissance to the African safari
John! Don't use that mirror!! Africans are niggers with knives!!
by AnkleKush August 03, 2009
A shiny surface, usually made of glass and silvered, and meant solely to cater to every man's and woman's inherent narcissistic tendencies.
To imitate someone/something.
Person 1: how goes it, old chap?
Person 2: it goes old fellow, it goes. I've just gotten back some of my self-confidence after a long staring match with my Casanova-like self in the mirror. yeah!

Girl 1: Did you lambast the Bush Presidency in your recent paper?
Girl 2: Yes, I did. And it really is amazing just how closely Dubya's policies mirror Reagan's. Self-proclaimed messiahs the both of them. More like satan incarnates. At least, Reagan could ACT well.
by thesoccergod February 17, 2008
what ugly people look at 100 times a day to see if they look ne betta, no it doesnt work, my brother has tried it already
Im going to look in the mirror and see if i look any better
by Mic August 05, 2004
Perfect glass spouse- The Blood Brothers
Why do i have to put this here again?
by Viveka Thompson April 29, 2004
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