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Fantastic; awesome; cool.
1- Her hat is minted!
2- Whoa, that holiday was minted!
3- He is so not minted.
by kitty-24 November 28, 2009
10 26
loaded , lot of money or can mean good
he's minted
by June 03, 2003
145 65
to be rich
wow she's minted!
by Amy October 28, 2003
109 80
To be die by a mint, mint flavoured item.
Person A: Did you hear about Tim?

Person B: No, what happened?

Person A: He tried to eat an entire pack of polo's in one and died.

Person B: Ah man, what a minted bitch.
by mintman574 March 19, 2010
57 50
a word used to describe ones motor vehicle or other prized possesion. Often used by townie(s).
1."eh, that's one minited motor innit!"
2."eh, tel your mum that she was minted last night!"
by Goose666 April 09, 2004
8 22
describes something in a good way
this game we are playing is minted
by Sam February 28, 2005
21 36
A slang term to describe being stoned. Used in areas where youre not meant to be you can say your minted and only some people will know what youre talking about. Alongside this the word mints is used as slang for weed.

Example 1

Man 1 "Yo im fucking minted"

Man 2 "yeah man thats some good shits"

Example 2

Man 1 "Hey when can you get those mints"

Man 2 "I think the shops run out"
by Ricky-Acid October 28, 2007
4 20