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The word middle and center combines to make minner. This is usually said when someone is speaking faster than they are thinking. Minner first originated during a very close game of Trivial Pursuit. The term is now used to describe anything in the center/middle of something.
"All I have to do is make it to the minner and I win!"

"My steak is cooked perfectly in the minner."
by amandapants September 07, 2009
a midnight dinner
I'm so hungry! You wanna go grab some minner?

It's almost 12 AM. Gotta get some minner soon.
by Toby Sanchez February 09, 2015
A small fish used as live bait. Also known as a minnow.
Jason went down to the creek to catch some minners.
by Mike Payne March 05, 2008
A male spinner, or a short, petite man who has sex with a larger woman.
He's cute, but he's too short, I could never bang him. He's a minner!
by dhess March 08, 2011
A person who acts homosexual or likes men, or minning the act of acting like you like men.
Kyle stop minning. Kyle your a minner you like men.
by TheSecretzish October 28, 2007
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