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The word middle and center combines to make minner. This is usually said when someone is speaking faster than they are thinking. Minner first originated during a very close game of Trivial Pursuit. The term is now used to describe anything in the center/middle of something.
"All I have to do is make it to the minner and I win!"

"My steak is cooked perfectly in the minner."
by amandapants September 07, 2009
pronounced "row-b-show fo sho". This is used when Brandon Robichaux agrees to do something, or go somewhere. This can also be used by others when addressing him.
"He's from cajun-land?"
"Robichaux fo' sho'."

"Hey is Brandon going to join us in golf?"
"Robichaux fo' sho'."
by amandapants September 16, 2009
Also known as "jerk", a gerk is used when someone who is texting has the spelling capacity of a 4 year old. It however, is pronounced just as it is spelled with a grrr. Gerk now replaces the word jerk in everyday conversations.
Text: "You are a gerk."
Reply: "What the hell does that m...oh. He can't spell."

Don't mind Josh, he's just being a gerk.
by amandapants September 16, 2009
Breafakst is a word to describe a morning meal by those who cannot pronounce "breakfast".
Shawn: "What's for breafakst?"
Danielle: "Oh, you mean breakfast?"

"I love having breafakst for dinner."
by amandapants September 16, 2009
A dirty cajun, from cajunland. They say things like "neow" (now) and "nowlans" (New Orleans). Generally, a filthy cajun can be found in the bayous of "Loosiana" (Louisiana) wearing overalls and trying to catch rabbits with a potato sack to make rabbit stew.
"Let's invite Brandon over for dinner."
"Oh, the filthy cajun? Ok."

"I don't understand that guy's accent."
"That's ok. He's a filthy cajun."
by amandapants September 16, 2009

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