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(a) Descriptive of a sexy girl of diminutive proportions who (1) would look extremely attractive in a "school uniform/jailbait" situation and (2) looks like they might be up for it. (similar to a laptop or a throwabout

(b) To "crack one off" while contemplating the above. Named after an early Channel 4 program designed to appeal to paedophiles in which under-12s dressed up and performed pop songs.
Please note: A Minipop should not be confused with a "Krankywank" which is something quite different and totally unacceptable.
(A) "Did you see that Lisa Rogers slutting about on the Big Breakfast? Talk about a minipop!"

(B) Watching Britney's "One More Time" video always caused Gervaise to squeeze off a minipop.
by Bob Sometimes May 31, 2005
8 3
young teens or adults that act like little kids in mature set environment
did you see all those mini pops at the gym
by Trashy87 July 15, 2008
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