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Acting like a "minimus" is code for asking either personal or irritating questions to other posters on a DB while seldom ever giving your own opinion or personal information.
A Minimus question: "Would YOU Ever Have Sex With Your Best Friend's Girlfriend?"......The DB response might be, "YOU tell us first and stop asking "Minimus" questions!"
by Minimus#1 March 22, 2006
Bands formed in the Crewe and Nantwich region.
as in: "Minimus Chimp"
by Melvin Slut January 08, 2005
Ironed shirts, in the 1930's.
"Minimus Chimp dear?" "Oh, yes please"
by Melvin Slut January 09, 2005
To fall down those big steps you tend to see infront of librarys.
"Oh bugger, i've pulled a minimus"

"Minimus Chimp? allright then...)"
by Melvin Slut January 08, 2005
Minimus, getting a blast of a warm, creamy substance down your throat.
Somebody, pass the tissues, I've just had a minimus off Joe...
by Baron January 08, 2005

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