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A microsized penis only found on a very few individuals of the Indian subcontinent. Many go on to become practicing dentists. It may also be found on the head region, in which it will be hidden by a overgrowth of hair.
Hey man, I like your haircu...hold up. Is that a clitoris minimus?
#clitoris #minimus #head #penis #micro
by StienMD July 05, 2009
Sidekick of James Bond that lived a secluded life in Georgia. Never really achieved the same amount of fame as his counterpart.. However, he is now suffering from Superhero Syndrome in which he believes he is constantly on a mission. One may never recognize him due to his lack of costume and secrecy about his identity.
Weaknesses Include but are not limited to:
Spilling Beer, attempting to move unmovable objects.
"Dude, stop trying to be Jax Bond. That rock is totally movable."
#jax #bond #beer #james #007
by StienMD July 06, 2009
Term used by those suffering from Clitoris Minimus. However, the term is inaccurate and may stem from denial of the condition.
Girl - "Hey baby, lets take off those pants and..."
Boy - "I have Clitoris Maximus"
Girl - "Uh...you mean Clitoris Minimus?"
Boy - "The weather is really nice today isn't it?"
#clitoris #minimus #head #penis #micro
by StienMD July 06, 2009
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