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A girl who is attractive from the back but ugly as sin when seen face to face.

There are degrees of mini wheats, like to 1/2 mini wheat who is hot from all angles from behind, or the 9/10 mini wheat who is bangable from all directions except head on.
"I saw this girl with a perfect ass in line, but when she turned around she was a mini wheat."
by Skivwidget April 09, 2006
A person who looks completely attractive from behind, but much to your dismay, upon seeing their face, you realize they are ugly after all.

This name originated from a small town in western Pennsylvania, when a man known only as "DPM" thought of this term. The term is an adapted metaphor for the actual cereal, because although one side is sweet and frost, they other side is bland and grainy.
"She had an amazing ass, but when she turned around, I realized she was a mini-wheat."
by Smarto April 20, 2006
A girl who is absolutely hot and delicious when viewed from her back, but when you catch a glimpse of her front the view is nothing but bland and disappointing.

“Man, I wish I had never caught up to that girl on the subway. Nicest ass I’ve ever seen, but damn she had the face of a dog! Just another mini wheat!”
by MitchumClear December 19, 2008
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