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A breakfast cereal made of deliciously toasted wheat fibers, all perfectly weaved into a single bite-sized square.

An iconic symbol of grindxcore, as first proposed by waking the cadaver
Id like to feel your arm. I like shredded wheat.
by battletortoise May 12, 2008
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1.The severely disheveled appearance of hair and/or clothing after a night of heavy partying and debauchery.
2.The look of your hair after 3 days without a shower.
3.You shower but don't comb or brush your hair...ever.
Man, did you see Corn's hair this morning? Fully Shredded Wheat!
He must have been with Tattoo Woman again.
by Tahoetjd August 10, 2008
The aftermath when your dick has been sucked and scraped up by teeth.
I told the bitch she left me with shredded wheat after the bj.
by Enernational February 23, 2010

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