other words: chongo via barbella, andrew T. muscels. faggot lord. Mega-mingo, bondage master, idiot.
These creaturs are mostly found in gyms or bondage factories. friends include machine and other assorted total faggots. has life time subscription to flex and power rangers monthly
by coolio April 17, 2003
Top Definition
n. a silly, foolish, or stupid person
"if only i hadn't hit onto my ex's best friend..."

"come on man, don't be a mingos - it was clearly her 2nd best friend"
#idiot #nincompoop #dumbass #dim-witted #fool #silly
by aperfectquett September 23, 2007
an operation where a group of minks strategically sneak into the city and kill women to make purses, coats, etc for glamorous under water lake socials.
The A-team got word that a possible mingo might be going down at midnight Friday.
#minks #coats #purse #accessories #kill #lake #party
by Ryan Goat cheese March 15, 2007
Covert word for black person. Used a lot in Northeast Ohio after the Cleveland Browns selected Barkevious Mingo in the 2013 draft.
"Damn, I don't feel safe with all these mingos around."
"I ain't going to that hip hop concert, it's fuckin' full of mingos!"
#mingo #nigger #shine #cricket #blackie
by DonE May 19, 2013
A sophsticated term to describe a hoar or a whore, or a slut, or a hoe, or a sket, or a skank, etc.
Jenny: "I had sex with your boyfriend last night."
Meera then proceeds to slap the life out of Jenny.
#hoar #whore #slut #hoe #sket #skank
by xShmizzle May 31, 2011
the best word ever. often used to fill empty silences, or to piss off mr. austin.
colleen: guess what i'm going to say...
kim: mmmmmmmmmingo.
by egyptiandancer November 20, 2004
A person that wears a generous amount of pink all the time.
I got her a black top for christmas and she never wears it, shes mingo as.
#pink #non-emo #tart #poppet #ranga
by Ibelieve.in.carrot December 26, 2008
A dirty mexican that is worthless and smells like goat cheese.
I need a dirty mingo to mow my lawn.
#mexican #spic #burrito #enchilada #taco #worthless
by Mr. Ballsonyah April 27, 2008
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