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a group of socially inept, emotionally maladjusted individuals
my friends skip school a lot because they're a bunch of minghags
by lancerome February 27, 2008
27 15
A female who is bestowed with unattractive features(i.e. back fat, sagging mammaries, bad teeth). Usually considered promiscuous. Only found good looking when you're inebriated.
"Yo my fisrt period teacher looks like a friggin minghag."

by Drunkenmonk January 29, 2006
105 25
(Ming or, Mingin) An obsolutly disgusting girl who is either sickly to look at or touch. (Hag) A stupid old cock blocker. When these words are brought together to form a person, stay atleast 5 meters away and avoid eye contact.
That bitch is such a ming hag! Stay atleast 5 meters away from her and avoid eye contact.

Josh's mother.
by Alex Oatway May 25, 2006
60 12
ming-'hags plural. Noun American (slang).
1. A group of socially inept, emotionally maladjusted individuals.

man 1: dude your a minghag
man 2: fuck you dude
by tarty December 08, 2007
56 31
whore, slut, slu. the name of bam margera's up-in-coming movie.
john fucked this nasty minghag last night.
by lizzieboo June 03, 2007
42 29
A full length feature and loose sequel to the film Haggard by Bam Margera.
Ming Hag is Bam Margera's second full length film staring the usual cKy crew.
by Ronnie Pirtle April 10, 2007
15 10
a group of people who would be considered emotionally distressed or even disturbing on the outside. But in behavior acts rather immature and funny and just stupid.
Dude Shawn is a minghag.
by GHOSTWARRIOR369 September 30, 2009
5 10