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A female who is bestowed with unattractive features(i.e. back fat, sagging mammaries, bad teeth). Usually considered promiscuous. Only found good looking when you're inebriated.
"Yo my fisrt period teacher looks like a friggin minghag."

by Drunkenmonk January 29, 2006
One who does everthing for his associate under demand and receive no praises for his accomplishments. The pussy of the neighborhood, the one you sent to the store for a dutch and you didnt let him/her hit it when they got back. This phrase is mainly used after the task at hand is completed. It may have originated from the prison term "fresh fish/meat" both meaning the same thing.

1.A put down.
2.A self esteem destroyer.
3.Your personal bitches official tag./Personal slave.
1.The request/demandYo go to the store a snag a dutch for us homie.The put down I appreciate it...Do-boy!

2.STFU thats why your the Do-boy of the hood and everybody know it but you.

3.A Do-boy have that xbox plugged up by the time we get back so we can get this halo 2 match going. (of course this gameing session will not include the Do-boy)
by Drunkenmonk January 30, 2006

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