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1) A vagina which is so dry that having sex with it could be likened to pumicing one's penis.

2) A scouring device to remove topical symptoms of STIs such as genital warts from the vulval or vaginal regions. Also for the more vigilant personal hygiene freak.

3) A sex toy for those who like it rough.

4) Used to wear down the hymen before first-time sex.

5) A pumice stone shaped like female genitalia.
1) Her minge was so dry it was like using a minge-pumice.

2) "She's such a filthy skank, she needs a minge-pumice for all her STIs."

3) "God I'm sore this morning, I spent so much time masturbating with my minge-pumice last night."

4) "She had such an indestructible hymen we had to use a minge-pumice to get in there!"

5) "Minge-pumices can be found on aisle 5 along with other feminine hygiene products."
by volcanicvaginas May 19, 2011
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