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A hoe. She has sucked many dicks before with no regrets. She is sweer once you neet her. She can suck good and do you right. But be warned, she not the one you should fall in love with. Behind her smile is many lies she has told. Many dudes she has fucked. She is a whore. Only good for swallowing. She is known to also be the annoying bug in the lifd of anyone
by themasterlightertho October 15, 2013
An asian type of prostitue. More of s hoe. This Ming however has sucked more dicks than shell tell you. None. Ming shays are deceiving liars who lie og their past for whatever reason. Do not ever fall for a Ming Shay. They are skanks. They will blindly love hou however just cause you gave them good D.
by blacklightningboi October 15, 2013

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