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A place that marijuana brownies send you. A stronger mindtrip can be obtained by LSD, but brownies for these are harder to make.

See also the inner workings of the USA government, the inner meanings of Heart of Darkness, The Book of Relevations, any music by Jimi Hendrix, and any other mindblowing experience.

Note: drugs are not require to go on a mindtrip, but they help. All that is require is any concept that blow your mind.
We were discussing what the Book of Relevation actually means today in my religious studies class, but I ate some marijuana brownies right before class. Saint John sent me on an holy mindtrip today.
by Zzyxx26 July 09, 2010
a peroid of time at which your mind is halucinating. or you feel your seing things that can not be true.
other wize known as tripping.
Dude i had a crazy mindtrip after that acid last nite
by xxxagbmxxxx October 13, 2006
a conversation full of gossip and nay-say.
justin was making up works of fiction in his mind so I just played along with him knowing that he was just doing another one of his mind trips again.
by reclaim February 21, 2005

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