A man who regularly promises things to a woman that he is involved with, (i.e. commitment, a future together, etc.), when he has absolutely no intention of making good on these promises. Very cold, calculating, and manipulative character, but with a very soft, kind, likeable exterior.
If you have dated/broken up with a man a dozen or more times, chances are you are involved with a mindfucker and should get out while you still have some of your dignity. And self-respect. And sanity.
by Knows Better Now April 04, 2004
When a couple sit there not talking at all, they could be reading a book or doing work, and one of them starts smiling because their minds, telepathically, are having sexual intercourse hence the term mind fucking. Mind fuckers usually sit in the same place everyday not talking only mind fucking each other.
Michael-Hey Nate, why are those two always so quiet?

Nate- Oh those are just the mind fuckers
by B.Roth October 23, 2008
"that's a chick... who digs intellectual types and super-bright guys." From the movie Serpico
You know, Leslie is a mind fucker.
by retigrrl August 06, 2011
Well, it's a chick who digs intellectual types
and super bright guys. (from the movie Serpico 1973)
she is a mindfucker
by joefunnyfur October 31, 2011
the act of fucking undressing someone with your eyes and the fucking them in their mind. ohh damn.
charlie is a mind fucker.
by Charlie0001111 July 10, 2008
Mindfucker is a crew that mixes hardcore music, and the result is very impressive

Mindfucker.tk !
dude, turn down the bass a bit! Mindfucker is fucking me up!
by blnz May 09, 2006
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