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full extended term of "mince". Cockney rhyming slang for eye.
I could 'ardly believe me mince pies, mate.
by Edna Sweetlove September 27, 2006
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A white person that is a black person at heart
Oh my god Lauren, I can't believe you can twerk, you're such a mince pie!
by Lipsticklemonade May 13, 2014
The best food in the world.
Made up of pastry with a mince filling, it is commonly found in any store that sells food throughout New Zealand and Australia (dairy's, cafe's, super markets).
Also comes with many other variations of fillings such as steak, steak & cheese, mince & cheese, chilli beef & cheese, pepper steak.
Almost better than sex
Jim: maaaan im hung over lets go down the road and get a pie
Gary: yeah man i want one of those chilli beef n cheese ones, dont get the chicken man it gives you the shits
Jim: i know, i'm never doing that again
Timo: why dont they have mince pies in places like america and the uk? fuckn crazy shit
Jim: yeah man
by Jimmy January 14, 2006
when you shit in a girls fanny and mince it up with your dick
Peter: did you have a good christmas john?

John: yeah - i gave lucy a mince pie; fucking slag.
by MR.BJ December 20, 2009

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