Means a Girlfriend of someone.
A girl that have a boyfriend.
Minha mina é linda como uma flor.(Portuguese BR)
My Girlfriend is beautiful like a flower.
by Máriohe September 14, 2007
1.) refers to over achieving ambitious Asian girl

2.) the act of trailing a stranger into foreign part of town.

synomyms: eccentric, unique, smart, crazy, short

YJ: man, why she gotta own my ass in all tests like that?
Hans: cuz she's a fucking mina.

2.) that paparazzi's been stalking me for hours now. what a mina
by jupeter July 24, 2009
The most AWESOME guy you can find in TN, he's sweet and fun to be around with, amateur soccer star, goes by the name Chubby Puma :)
Mina is the only AWESOME person i know.
by Mgb54 October 18, 2011
A guy who always bums cigarettes off of other people because hes too cheap to buy his own.
Guy 1:Can I get a cigarette?
Guy 2: No man stop being a minas.
by alanwert December 26, 2013
A rebellious creature which appeared out of nowhere. Although scientists have invested millions of dollars into funding and research, little is known about its true origin. The Mina Rocker enjoys dull moments as it is a chance to create a rebellious atmosphere by attacking, causing harm or simply destroying the people around it. The Mina Rocker enjoys feasting on people's fears and is rumored to have never gone to sleep. Furthermore, this creature never goes into hibernation, leading to 365 days of rebellions all year round with no mercy for the suffering victims. There have been a few sightings of the Mina Rocker, where 90% of them were in the small city of Hamilton in Canada Ontario. The Mina Rocker is often seen wearing a housecoat on it's back and a sort of ancient club in its right hand (archaeologist believe this is used for killing). This creature has been hunted for hundreds of years by the United States army, however the few surviving victims have been in shock for years after witnessing the Mina Rocker's fatal blow. Further research continues throughout the world as more and more attacks of rebellion are taking place. One can only hope the Mina Rocker does not find a way to multiply because that would simply mean the end of the world as we know it...
A group of innocent scout girls: Hey look there's a poor creature in the forest, let's go help it!

Mina Rocker: hoh hoh hoh...

Scout girls: NOOOOOOO, it's the Mina Rocker!

Mina Rocker: HOH HOH HOH!

The scout girls are found later that day without a head but somehow still alive due to an unspeakable form of rebellion.
by CrackMonkey(tragic victim) October 10, 2009
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