The female genitals. Can also use "Mrs. Mimsy".
"She has a pretty mimsy"
by Naive Amoeba March 24, 2007
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the female genetalia
I do hope no one can see my mimsy in this short skirt
by Russ Brown April 01, 2003
A fat disabled kid from South Park
Shut Up Mimsyyyy!!
by stoneofshame June 09, 2010
1. Miserable and flimsy.
2. Something that is both of these things.
1. "All mimsy were the borogoves..." (Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There")
2. You might want to take that rat to the vet, Jake. It's lookin' kinda mimsy.
by Kinslayer August 17, 2003
a white guy with a surprisingly large dick that is kinda black
Person 1 - Yo, what is in that dudes pants! A fucking fire hose!

Person 2 - Nah dude... he is just a mimpsy :/

Person 1(again) - Yay you're probably right LoL

Mimsy is a white dude with a huge dick that is black
by you wish you know boiii February 04, 2016
A person who behaves with inexpicable stupidity
For example a collegue who has deleted all your files by mistake , claiming they were eaten by wolves could be refered to as Mimsy - if they were to ever dare speak again one might reply "SHUT UP MIMSY".
by matman_uk July 16, 2010
Prim or affected; over-refined; mincing.
I can't stand those mimsy shoegazer emo bands. Gimme a beer and lets rock'n'roll!
by Lo Topo December 03, 2008

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