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To revisit one's past postings on online web message forums, and retroactively delete the text, replacing it with minimally requisite text allowed by the forum's software, such as "...".

One purpose of milzing one's past postings is to erase evidence of such postings, so as to remove the ability of others to quote you.

"Your statements on pornography are completely at odds with what you said earlier - unfortunately you milzed your posts from that discussion, so I (conveniently for you) can't quote you on those."
by C. Sandwich May 22, 2006
popular, pretty, awesome, funny and all round kewl
wow! she is so a milz!
by friend November 01, 2003
a cool butterfly
wiht many colours
also known as >vomi<
she is quite the milz...
by pseudonym >whhha September 02, 2008
Loud, obnoxious individual who at all times has 6-8 gerbils in his rectum.
That Milz is always walking funny.
by DetKolli December 04, 2008
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