Wisconsin's largest city, located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. A chronically underrated city that is experiencing something of a revival after spending almost three decades in a rebuilding phase due to the loss of blue-collar jobs. None the less, it still struggles with the misconceptions of outsiders stemming from historically-inaccurate 70's sitcoms and sensationalistic media reports (for example: health care, not brewing is Milwaukee's biggest industry and the city is home to a number of integrated neighborhoods such as Riverwest, Washington Heights and Northwest Side).

Nowadays, Milwaukee is home to beautiful architecture, revitalized neighborhoods (such as Bronzeville/MLK Drive, Riverwest, Bay View (aka Gay View), Third Ward and Walker's Point), GOOD hip hop music (Black Elephant, Taste Emcees, Growing Nation, etc.), progressive politics, diverse ethnic restaurants, a great park system, and more theaters per capita than any other city in the U.S.

Unfortunatley, Milwaukee still struggles with a notoriously racist and trigger-happy police force, corrupt politicians, and an underfunded public school system. There's also not many higher education opportunities for people of color. That's because Milwaukee's two biggest universities (UWM and Marquette) are lily-white and recruit students who come from Northern Wisconsin or the Chicago suburbs rather than the city.

If you come to Milwaukee, DON'T listen to the brochures. Water Street and Summerfest are lame, touristy and shells of their former selves. Instead, visit the Milwaukee Art Museum (even if you don't like art, it's THAT cool of a building), the Riverwalk, the Allen-Bradley Clock (which is bigger than Big Ben), Miller Park, Brady Street and Bronzeville aka MLK Drive.
Milwaukee: Without us, Wisconsin would be Iowa.
by illwauk October 08, 2007
Top Definition
Situated along the picturesque banks of wondrous Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the "hidden jewel of the Upper Midwest," biotch!
Oh, and there are also plans to create public internet "hotspots" downtown!
by Nelly of Greendale February 14, 2004
Repressed for many decades, this city has made vast strides since the late 80's. The city boasts a world class zoo, a one of a kind art museum, excellent food, million dollar condos, dozens of large festivals, a large number of parks, a renewed downtown, arts, theatre, and music. On the negative side, Milwaukee is still gripping with racial segregration, two seperate ghettos, failling inner-city schools, and a strange inferiority complex with its "big brother" to the south (Chicago).
O, and there are plans to create public internet "hot spots" downtown.
by Mid-Western Traveler October 13, 2003
Underrated city. Blue-collar, hard working, friendly people. America's leading beer producer. Home to the greatest music festival ever. Has an awesome zoo, and a true architectural masterpiece in Milwaukee Art Museum. Incredibly, though leaky, ballpark, housing a team on the rise.

Sadly, there's not a lot to do in Milwaukee in winter. But in summer, it's awesome. I said so in the first paragraph above. Plus, there are some hot, nearly topless chicks everywhere.
Milwaukee summer

Chicagoan 1: I'm bored. Let's go get drunk and have the time of our lives!

Chicagoan 2: Narly!
by Wally Cleaver March 23, 2007
The name teenagers from Mequon, Shorewood, Brookfield and other suburbs will type into the Hometown field on their Facebook profile, instantly making them cooler. Slightly useful for Facebook pregaming once one is able to join his or her college network,

Often clarified by educational info—Menomonee Falls High School is self-evidently not in Milwaukee,
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Actually: Whitefish Bay, WI

Person from Michigan: Are you actually from Milwaukee?
Person from Wisconsin: Well, kind of, actually I'm from Racine.
Person from Michigan: Oh.
by Summafest July 10, 2008
Largest City in Wisconsin. Population of close to 600,000 but on the decline. Unfortunately the city is best known by Coo Coo Cal's "In My Projects." Like most midwestern cities, Milwaukee is at it's best in the summertime when you can ride through the city and everybody is out with the whips on chrome and females with next to nothing on.
Milwaukee be jumpin when it's hot.
by I Am Who I Am May 28, 2005
a great city.
hoods on north side and south side
beer and brats
getting better everyday
most segregated in u.s... that sucks we need it to be more diverse (blacks on north side, hispanics on south, whites on east. most diverse on west side)
high murder rate
cold as hell
slang = mil-town, brew city, the durty mill, MKE, killwaukee
lots of fun in summer. Crusin and ghost ridin
i love milwaukee
dont be ghost ridin dat whip on 24th n locust in milwaukee
by MKE home December 05, 2006
A city that began on the banks of the Milwaukee River and Lake Michagan in the 1830's. Shiltz, Blatz, Pabst, Miller, and many other breweries started here. The 1970's saw a decline in industry and Milwaukee was added to the rust belt city list. Deteriationg factories and homes litter the inner city, but downtown and the far east-side is sprawling. Million dollar condos on Farwell avenue, the re-birth of the Historic 3rd Ward, and Brady Street are just a few positives of Milwaukee's progress. Also just northwest of downtown used to be the worst area that you prayed that you woulnd't never to set foot in. Now the area near Johnson's Park is slowly improving and drug houses from this area are beind revitalized. Also gang violence has declined since the "Notorious 90's" when homicides reached there highest in 1991 with 168 murders. In 2004 homicides took a drastic dip to only 88, but then recoiled to the cities average of 125 per year. Homicides have stayed relitivley low lately in the city despite the growing number of shootings, because of the great care that homicide team in area hospitals give. There where approx. 640 shootings in 2005, that number skyrocketed to over 800 shootings in 2006. So far in April there have been 28 homicides, but once June, July and August roll around those numbers go up. Milwaukee will some day be a safer city, and don't think Milwaukee is a bad ass city(take a look at Camden NJ, New Orleans, and others). It is a very diverse city, has one of the best theater distric's in the country, a phenominal art museum, zoo, and a horticultural conservatory(The Domes). There is lots of great food, places to stay, and it has the largeast music festivel in the world!
Milwaukee, has lots of great food and entertainment
by Jasonsupra April 11, 2007
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