1.the most segregated city in America
2.where you either live in a burned down house or a trailer
3.where white suburban kids get their drugs from
4.big pollution, there is more trash in the lake than fish
5.second highest murder rate, third highest for carjacking
6.beautiful downtown, but decaying everywhere else
7.home of Chicago gangs
8.where people shoot eachother for the stupidest reasons
"On our trip, we drove around Milwaukee because we didn't want to get shot or lose our car."
by Michael Vee July 29, 2006
chicago wannabe but never will be
Milwaukee is a minature Chicago that thinks it is hot stuff but isnt.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
one of the biggest ghettos in the us with suburbs like wauwatosa and west allis that are pretty much ghettos too.
milwaukee is one huge ass ghetto where lots of people get shot.
by armani from milwaukee July 23, 2003
Slow midwest city, go to Chicago
by rod03 October 03, 2003
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