manwhore. a hairy mammath who thinks hes the shit but isnt. thinks all the girls like him, but they just use him for sex. chinky eyes and huge nose. had braces but still has ugly teeth. big feet little lower area. needs a haircut!!! a dumbass who is in special education. a rapist. resembles barney (:
milo stuck his penis in my eye
by sexybitch101213451 June 25, 2010
The call out for a great set, Originally J Milo named after DJ J.Milo aka MC Anecdote also known as Johnathan Matthews after his short but epic carreer sets ending in his last at New Years 2001 shortly before his untimely demise.RIP

man that set was so nang it was like they resurected Milo!
by Sniper Em Vega February 19, 2005
Characterized as a dumb slut, can also be referred to as a slutzilla. Someone referred to as a milos often wears inappropriate clothing and enjoys making jokes that aren't funny. Beware of these trashy people, they often make offensive comments towards religions.
Wow that girl is wearing an open back shirt, what a milos!
by LessonMaster November 10, 2010
A man that all the girls think is so fine, but that's just cuz they ain't seen him with his clothes off. Rather large upper portion of body and very tiny lower portion, often stands like a caveman.
That guy is such a milo, girl don't even bother.
by Alright that's funny January 18, 2009
Somebody who cannot hold their alcohol and after two shots and some beer, is puking for the rest of the night.
That kid pulled a Milo; the girls drank more rum than him and were fine, but he puked the entire night.

If you pull a Milo, there is a good chancde you will be locked in a closet with nothing but a bucket to puke in so te host does not get in trouble.
by Chubi February 03, 2008
milo, it is actually typo from word molo what is finnish and means dick
well actually my nick is milo ;)
and it comes from coolest dog in the whole world called Milo, and it comes from The mask -movie with jim carrey ;)
well so that means im dog who is sweet as chocolate and all females will be addicted to me :)
someone: Milo, im reporting you for abuse!
milo: how did i abuse you?
someone: becouse you are so fucking sweet!!
by Milo July 31, 2004
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