the hottest coolest guy in my school. was friends with me until he went out w/this popular skank
i would like to bang milo
by andrea April 27, 2004
Badass from Gerald Missouri
Hey have you heard of Milo? Oh yeah that one badass from Gerald!
by Milo Fatch January 28, 2009
A name relating to the name Miles, meaning soldier. Often a name for a person who is unlucky in relationships but has good sense and intellect.
"Yo Milo i heard you got rejected two times already." "Well whatever happens happens."
by Milo Blanco December 12, 2005
When you put retardation, sheer genius, fred fredbuger and chemical x into a bowl and mix
Milos favorite animal is a fire truck

The young adolescent Gakked his milos
by Ms2397 September 23, 2011
a chocolate drink you get in the eastern parts of the world
ram and chow both had milo for breakfast this morning
by redhot July 08, 2004
Verb: To love and miss a significant other very intensely. A portmanteau word derived from the first syllabus of the two words miss and love.
I milo Heather so very much and I cannot wait for her to come home.
by Tony Bomboni December 28, 2011
The most awesome drink to ever grace this planet. Manufactured by Nestle, it originated in Australia in the 30's but is available pretty much anywhere. Milo addictions are quite common, as this drink is more satisfying then heroin. You can get it in powder which you use to make hot or cold Milo, or buy canned cold Milo straight out a shop. You can also get it in cereal and chocolate bar form. You could say it's like chocolate milk, but you'd be wrong and should get off the internet.
Drink Milo everyday

#420 drink it
by cheesepuffonthebeach May 10, 2013

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