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Someone who does not understand the common slang vocabulary of youths and popular culture. They consider that which they do not know to be 'new fangled vocabulary.' Usually a teacher or parent.
Teacher: Was she drunk in my class?
Student: Crossfaded I'm sure.
Teacher: I'm not familiar with the term?
Student: You're such a milner.
by Banana Slugs June 01, 2009
The mark left on a pair of men's boxer shorts from the last drop of urine that never seems to shake loose.
My boyfriend always returns from the bathroom with a milner on his boxer shorts.
by Jaylie July 13, 2006
One of the tiny little rolled up bits of toilet paper you find stuck to the hairs round your arsehole many hours after wiping your bum
What the fuck is that stuck to my arse hair?

Oh fuck me, it's a milner
by Skys the Limit March 26, 2013
Milner is a bearded homeless person, who can grow a beard every 3 hours. Soccer fernatic touching themselves every time Ranaldo takes off his shirt and shows his stomach flab. Most likely a Homosexual.Being attacked by sycopathic red heads called Rush.
Look at that Milner over ther being beaten by a Rush, while having a wank over Renaldo.
by DANIEL GIBBONS July 18, 2006
An ambiguous word used to describe something which is either:

* unusual
* normal
* bad
* good
* "safe"

Often used in conjunction with "well" - "well Milner" - to create a superlative.
"Man that shit's well Milner!"
"Holy macaroons! That James geezer is well Milner!"
by L - Dawg December 29, 2005
A man with one job and does it wrong..
I did not make the video..
Man i really made a milner out of myself.
by r dogg 702 June 27, 2016
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