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An incredibly small cock.
Jane took one look at Jack's millimeter peter, and ran like hell.
by Tails September 16, 2003
84 13
some one with a super small dick that the ladys dont wanna see or cant see.
Ray Disaster has a super small millimeter peter so he dont have sex witht ladys due to smallness
by johnnybesupersmalllawl February 24, 2008
33 17
The shriveled form a person's pecker (a penis) takes after taking a quick dip in a cold body of water like a freshwater lake or after taking an ice bath. The penis, to a man's horror, retreats in size to almost the point where it is unrecognizable (worst case scenario a raisin). The effects of a millimeter peter can range from a mild decrease in self confidence to extreme panic.
*Two runners after getting out of an ice bath*
Robbie: "Jesus Christos that was cold! I cant feel anything!"
Gabe: "Dude I know! Hollup I gotta do a damage control check. Hopefully everything is ok down there..:

*Gabe looks down in his drawers*
Gabe" "My God!"
Robbie: "What is it bro!?"
Gabe: "I got a millimeter peter...There goes my dream of becoming the next Ron Jeremy..."
Robbie: "Well shit man..."
by A_Real_GEE December 14, 2013
6 1
a penis thats only a millimeter(smallest unit in the metric system) long. insult used by canadians
look at that millimeterpeter if you needed to give that guy a blowjob you would need a magnifying glass and a straw
by the_wizard May 27, 2006
3 2
A young gentlemen who is a sniper on the pitch of a sport
The millimeter peters were dominating the field
by jeffgay August 03, 2007
1 3
is a small penis: all Jewish and most Arabs have them.
Jews and Arabs all have millimeter peters.
by Mitch March 22, 2005
52 73