Pronounced "mill-lay", (i.e. fillet). A term for toilet, bathroom, water closet, etc. The word's origins lie in the misinterpretation of blackletter type characters on a bathroom door which actually read "toilet", not "millet". The word is most appropriately used with a slight British accent.
Pardon me, I've got to go use the millet.
by Aaron TW February 03, 2007
Top Definition
To have an unfortunate looking head.
How embarrassing, your head looks like a millet :s
by rebeccaaaaaaaaaaa November 23, 2010
When you're shopping at Millets and you want to sound posh, you call it Milléts (pronounced mill-ays)
Josh: Where did you get those shoes?
Nat: Milléts!
by Trampikey and Goldie! June 19, 2005
Millet ("mill-it") is a grain grown in mostly Asia and used as the bulk of birdseed for wild birds. Because of its useful weight and shape, it is commonly used as filler for beanbags for juggling, as well as for punching bags and other sewn oddities. It's also surprisingly difficult to find by itself.
I finally found a place to buy plain millet for my beanbags. There's this place called Old Bob's on the west side that has it. Unfortunately, you have to buy a 50 pound bag...
by quamaretto January 05, 2010
a word that oreos call their mother...must be very carful with this word, when said on the phone millet may hang up.
"GRAND MILLET!" "i'm sorry i think you have the wrong number...."
by millet lover April 10, 2010
Noun:1. A Mullet that's not fully grown out.
2. A shoulder length mullet.
"Dude did you see Hulk Hogan on Raw last night he was sportin' a full on millet"
by C. Alisi December 30, 2007
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