A very pretty girl. Always nice to everyone. A Mills is very popular and has tons of friends. Usually has a best friend named Emily or Nick. Really fun to be around and is usually hyper.
Gee, that girl was a real Mills.
#pretty #cool #funny #hot #nice
by Jim Kirk May 29, 2013
Mother I Like to Lick.

A Bi-woman/mother that quite simply wants to lick and please another hot mother.
Andrea finds Cristy to be on fine M.I.L.L.
#mill #milf #mom #mother #lick
by boandlukeduke January 24, 2014
Mill is located next to ASU.

Only in Tempe, Arizona
#asu #tempe #phoenix #arizona #party
by Native Sun Devil April 27, 2009
meanning alot of them my short word for millions
omg there is like mill's of ppl
i no there is so many
#millions #alot #loads #many #hundrads
by staceyg August 24, 2006
Verb; to mill is to constantly Facebook and text message every girl in one high school, regardless of age, color, or size. One who mills never stops until thoroughly rejected.
"Did you hear Sarah got milled last night? He sent her a text saying 'you're kinda cute, want to screw?' She's never talked to him in real life!"
#player #creep #harassment #milled #milling
by Stop Online Milling Coalition January 31, 2012
A person who is generally cheap and always finds ways to avoid using his own money. Manipulative and creative in the art of bullshitting. Is 95% bicep and can win you over with his baby blues
Mills'in it- being a general douchebag

Yo seriously dude, stop mills'in it and pay for some beer.

I swear to god all his stories are millsed, cant believe any of it
#bullshit #sexy #liar #hot #cheap
by <3lovin-greg November 09, 2010
A boy who enjoys things like, bugs, video games and playing swords with sticks with his best friend at the age of 16. He hasn't had a girl friend or a date his entire life. He loves to make stupid comments and ask dumb questions. Some think he is gay. But he insists he is not.
Man! You're so Mills!

#gay #homo #weird #tubby #pokemon
by Joelymoley March 12, 2009
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