some one of weak constitution, allergic or sickly and weak. Milk toast was often given to sickly people as it was considered easy on the digestive tract and full of calories. Its used more today to mean some one simpering, whiny or without back bone.
Calm down! Dont get yourself all excited ya milk toast, you'll give yourself a bloody nose.
by Lafnalot March 31, 2011
Top Definition
spineless, lacking backbone. not standing up for oneself
so i said "hey rachel get me a soda biatch" and she did, she always did what she was told, beacuse she was milktoast
by mike rohn June 05, 2005
spineless, having no backbone.
rachel did exactly what she was told and never stood up for herself, thus she was milk toast.
by mike rohn June 05, 2005
A spineless wimp who is nonetheless twenty times the person as those stupid pseudo-intellectual emo's who do nothing but talk shit all day.
Yeah, TJ was milk toast, but at least he's not a douchebag emo
by Drewster11 October 26, 2007
A derogatory term used against a white person, one with possibly very white skin or exibiting traits commonly associated with being "white".
Chad: I did the worm at the dance last night!
Lance: Whatta milktoast you are.
by P.E.P. September 30, 2006
a sexual fetish where semen is ejected onto a patch of pubic hair on the milktoastee, rubbed into a lather, and licked up by the milktoaster.
"James wanted to milktoast me, but to his disdain I had shaved the previous day."
by G. Oulash Crompton September 22, 2009
A game where a bunch of guys gather around a piece of bread and masturbate upon it. The last man to cum, must then eat the aforementioned piece of bread.
We played Milktoast at Jimm's birthday party, and his brother Billy was gunshy, so he ate it.
by Bill Gates May 20, 2003
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